There’d be no obsession over he or she, only a loving devotion to we

Socialism would stop meaning communism and instead mean the way forward

Ambition would reveal its sinister undertones, taken away from the words atheist and agnostic

Immigrants would not be called illegals and nationalists not called patriots

Suicides would not be called successful

Autism would no longer associate with words like stupid

And fat would finally cut ties with ugly, worthless, and lazy

Black, Asian, and Latinx would cease to be personality traits

Woman would no longer equal weak

Feminine would no longer be an insult; masculine no longer a threat

Intellectual would regain gravitas as expert lost its derision

We’d lose meaningless, enslaving abstracts,

Like dividends, compound interest, KPIs, and stock exchange

Watch them fall away to make room for inclusive, transgender, queer, and nonwhite to step out of the shadows of their stigmas

Curse words would lose their barbs as we embraced a more loving culture

It doesn’t have to be a question of if English could change

How we phrase things matters; ask yourself instead

When will English change?

The answer is when we start to adapt our languages. Watch our words and acknowledge the power burning within each one.

via #WritingBored on Twitter. Originally published at on February 8, 2018.

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